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Irish Absolutely offers high-quality, fun, creative Irish gifts suitable for every occasion including birthdays, bridal showers, christenings, weddings, house warmings – the list is endless! Hold our gifts in your hands and experience the joys, pleasures and rich heritage of Irish culture, arts and crafts, and know you are touching and owning a part of Ireland itself. Even if there isn't a big occasion around the corner, invent an excuse and get some for yourself!

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Irish Cottage

Turf Burning Irish Cottage

At last! Enjoy the distinctive aroma of turf burning in your own ceramic hand-crafted traditional Irish cottage. Package includes genuine Irish turf, owner's manual, personalized Deed of Ownership and much more....!

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Turf Refills

Irish Turf Refills

Approximately 10 genuine Irish turf/peat incense cones for burning in Irish Absolutely Ceramic Irish Cottages.

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Irish Luck Penny Bookmark

Our Luck Penny Bookmarks, with rare, uncirculated Irish "hen pennies", is an opportunity to acquire an important part of Irish history and also a way to spread the famous 'luck of the Irish' amongst your friends.

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You may return any unused item for a complete "no questions" refund.

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We contribute a minimum 5% of revenue to charity. More if finances permit. Our creed is simple: "If you're lucky enough to be Irish – or have Irish connections – you're lucky enough!"

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