Who We Are

We are non-political, non-denominational, owned and managed by emigrants from Ireland. Although we left Ireland some time ago and have lived in both Canada and the USA, a big part of our hearts is still in Ireland and visit our many Irish friends and relatives as often as possible.

The high quality Irish gifts we offer are different and suitable for all occasions. To find them, usually takes a lot of browsing the highways and byways of Ireland - plus a lot of luck! But when you do find them, you know instantly that they are 'just right', either for yourself - or as a meaningful and memorable gifts.

Our emphasis is definitely on fun! Whether it is with our gifts, our periodic contests, or general information about Ireland we always aim to bring a joyous smile to your face. Life without lots of fun and laughter would be boring.

Since many of our gifts are individually and painstakingly hand crafted by highly skilled artisans, they can only be created in small numbers. Consequently, there is always a risk they won’t be available for long. Therefor we particularly encourage you to subscribe to our periodic newsletter so we can let you know when new gifts become available. Naturally, we encourage suggestions on Irish gifts you would find interesting and, indeed, we welcome your comments anytime.



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Our Purpose

Our purpose is two-fold: Foster an interest in Ireland and all good things Irish. Support our charities.

Ireland has an enviable history of charitable work all over the world. Accordingly, supporting our charities is a cornerstone of our purpose. The enormous problems faced daily by so many all around the world is a constant reminder of how lucky we are.

As we remind ourselves, 'If you are lucky enough to be Irish – or have Irish connections – you are lucky enough'.

We commit to set aside at least 5% of net revenue for charity. When we can, we do more.

Thank you for your support.



PS Sign up for our Newsletter and we will keep you up to date on our latest activities and progress.

PPS Sign up for our Irish Shortbread recipe and you will end up with a treat sweet enough to die for!

Privacy Policy

Trust is at the core of our business. Irish Absolutely never sells, rents, trades or discloses email addresses to any organization. Period!

Pledge of Satisfaction

We sincerely appreciate the trust you have shown in us by placing your Order. We hope that all our items fully meet or, better, far exceed your expectations and will continue to bring you pleasure for a long time.

We will do our best to ensure you remain a happy customer and hope you will share your pleasure by telling your friends about us.

However, when your Orders arrives, if they don’t cause you to smile with delight, or you decide your needs have changed, please accept our apologies and contact us promptly at returns@irishabsolutely.com and we will provide guidance on how to return your items (unused and complete), for a complete "no questions" refund (less shipping and handling).


From Our Many Friends All Over the World

We received the cottage and we love it!......We started to read the book (The Romance of Irish Stone Cottages and Turf Fires by Niall Flanagan) that came with the cottage and one of the first statements fits Bill perfectly. His grandparents came from Ireland and Bill feels that the bond he had with them was so close that he is also "from Ireland." Thank you so much for helping him feel even more Irish!

-Bill and Donna

Thank you so much for your wonderful courtesy throughout this whole transaction. It's delightfully obvious you have a strong belief in customer service. Needless to say, all arrived safely and is off to the intended recipient. I'll be holding on to the second Luck Penny for myself !!


Irish Absolutely made our Christmas a little more enjoyable with the two beautiful turf cottages! We love them! The customer service is exceptional! They took the time to let us know our cottages were on the way and any time help was needed on our end; they contacted us immediately. They go above and beyond in customer service! Dealing with Irish Absolutely was grand and we will purchase more in the future I'm sure! Thank you Irish Absolutely! Thank you so much for the help! Us Irish in America always thank true hospitality!

-Michael and Angie

The cottage, the burning turf, the story in Flanagan's booklet – surely there must be a bit of Ireland in us all!

-Michael and Angie

Thank you.......we LOVE the turf!


Delightful and affordable second home – with no overheads!


I have seen the movie (The Quiet Man) more times than I can count! I've been a John Wayne fan since I was a little kid. I've lost count of how many of the Duke's movies I've seen. But the Quiet Man is still one of my all-time favorites. My wife and I went to Ireland for our honeymoon! We went for two weeks. I'm a third generation American, but I love my Irish heritage. I don't know much about my Irish background, but I still try to embrace it. My wife and I tried to stay with all Irish names for the kids. We have Colleen, Brendan, and Alannah. How did we do? I have not seen it (the cottage used in the movie, which is also the inspiration for our cottage!), but I did take a picture of the Quiet Man bridge. I believe it is in Galloway. My cottage was a gift to myself for St. Patrick's Day! I plan to watch The Quiet Man, lite some peat in my cottage, and of course have a pint. Take care and keep in touch!

-Jim (Seamus)

I received the cottage and it is wonderful! Thank you!


... my wife just bought me a cottage this past week for my birthday.....The turf smell brings back memories of our trip to Ireland this past spring.Thanks - and we love your product!


My daughter ordered two cottages a bit ago, one for her fiance and one for me.....I love it!! Brings back memories of Donegal last summer.........The cottages arrived today! Thank you so much for your careful packaging and thought put into the preparation. They are gifts and I know both recipients will be very excited to get them. Your efforts are much appreciated! You are very generous! I will be pleased to share the turf with my neighbor and tell them about the Irish Absolutely web site to shop from! Thank you!


Love my Irish Blessing Cottage - unique and lovely gift. Herb and I are going to Ireland for the first time...leaving on May 17th.....I am so excited about this trip and my very first visit to Ireland!


...I love the cottages.....you are really kind. Thanks so much!!


The cottage is great. It is much sweeter than I imagined and looks delightful with smoke curling out of the chimney....I love it! Thanks so much!


The cottages arrived today! Thank you so much for your careful packaging and thought put into the preparation. They are gifts and I know both recipients will be very excited to get them. Your efforts are much appreciated!” “It is a pleasure to have found such a gem of a company. No doubt, earning the support of your customers in such a way will bring much deserved success and should not go unrecognized.


I made the cookies with my daughter, they are absolutely delicious! They disappeared!


We love the cottage!!!!


I received the cottage and it looks lovely.


...I am so excited that the Irish Turf is on its way! It is intended as a Christmas gift for my daughter...Thank you very much for your prompt and thoughtful response! ...You are so nice. ...I really appreciate you adding more turfs to the order. I will be back. Why can't there be more people like you?


Thank you so much for such fast service! We love our cottage! We are going to try and work it in with our Halloween decorations this year.


Thanks for your e mail and for sending the cottage and turf. It is a present for a colleague who is Indian and is leaving Northern Ireland to work elsewhere and we wanted to get him an Irish reminder.....we hope he'll love the Irish cottage, especially as it produces the lovely peat burning aroma.....I looked at several online but yours looked like the prettiest, especially being handmade... Looks lovely especially with the nice little extra touch of the chimney sweeping brush!


My Irish eyes were smiling when I received my Irish cottage gift box. It has been a long time since I made it back to the ol’ country, but now I feel I have a piece of Ireland with me.


The cottage is lovely, and the smell reminds me of the burning fireplace smell I love and, since I live in an apartment and cannot have a fireplace, it is welcome.


As we opened the gift, we carefully laid out the contents. So much detail! My four year old is now our resident chimney sweep and loves to prepare our cottage for a nice turf fire before we sit down to our traditional Sunday roast.


Thank you for letting me know that my cottage is on its way. Nice doing business with you. Your personal touch is lovely! I will certainly let you know when it arrives. I am looking forward to experiencing a little bit of Ireland in my home.....It will be nice to have the essence in the house for the holidays. I know I am going to place it on an antique server in my foyer. It should be right at home there! I will take of photo.


Seeing the cottage, floods back memories of lovely trips through Ireland.


I look at my cottage and think with sorrow and admiration of the great hardships surmounted by hardy Irish emigrants to the New World and hope that those who are lucky enough to own one of these Irish stone cottages replicas are comforted by the aroma of peat and by memories of home.


My Irish cottage is wonderful! The smell of real turf burning takes me back to Ireland. Nice gift! Thanks for all your help and kind service.


The wee Irish cottage arrived today. Thank you very much for the prompt delivery. I've bookmarked your site in case I need to order some of these for Christmas gifts....they are that cute! Thanks again!


I just received my 2nd order. I love the Luck Penny bookmark. It is a very unique gift. I have given 3 away as gifts and the recipients just loved them, too. The penny is very attractive. The bookmark is plastic coated to protect it, and comes with a short story about the history of the Luck Penny. Kept one for myself! Thanks for everything.


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Our Special Friends

Primrose Hill Productions

Condominiums aren't as big a thing in Ireland as they are in North America. Indeed, in the United States and Canada it seems they are sprouting up like mushrooms everywhere. Especially in big cities where land is expensive and in holiday towns where everybody wants to live by the sea.

Back in Ireland it's a bit different. Condos never really caught on, even during the fantastic building boom that went on for so many years. That is until the Celtic Tiger got it's wings clipped - if you will pardon the mixed metaphors!

It seems in Ireland they held on longer than in North America to the idea of owning one's own cottage or house and a garden, even if both were small and even if the pace of life was too frantic to be able to find time to grow roses to admire or vegetables for the evening meal.

So, for those thinking of moving up from one of our cottages to a condo, especially for those immigrants recently arrived from dear 'ol Ireland, we thought it would be helpful to provide a little guidance for those planning to buy a condo over here. Accordingly, we have much pleasure in recommending a new book on the many key questions you must make certain you ask before buying any condo.

This is a book everybody even thinking about buying a condo should read. It's a reference book and guide for all condo buyers. It's good! Impressive testimonials and, as it's an ebook, it's available instantly as a download. So swing by PrimroseHillProductions.com and check it out. You can tell them we sent you. They will look after you.

Cottager's Club

As soon as you have enjoyed your first genuine turf fire in your Irish cottage, you are eligible to purchase on our site your personalized Deed of Ownership, if you have purchased your cottage, or your personalized Certificate of Residency if you have rented your cottage. In either case, registration enables you to become a Member in Good Standing in the exclusive Irish Absolutely Cottager's Club.

You will need the identification code for your cottage, which you will find under the base of your cottage. No one else shares the same code! You register on line on our site. Just fill in the blanks on the form so we know your wishes.

We encourage you to select a romantic name and address! Of course it can be anywhere in the world and it doesn't even have to be a real address. It is entirely up to you!

Both the Deed and the Certificate come with a little surprise gift. I bet you are wondering what it is. Well, all I can tell you is we hope it will add to the fun experience of owning your unique Irish cottage. Beyond that, I am afraid you will have to wait till it arrives in the mail!

Your Deed of Ownership, or Certificate of Residency as the case may be, is printed on high quality 8" x 10" stock ready for framing, signed by a member of the Board of Directors and embossed with the Official Cottager's Seal.

Get your personalized Deed of Ownership or Certificate of Residency NOW!