Cottage Registration

Your Irish cottage is absolutely unique and has its own identification code. We invite you to register your cottage and, by doing so, join the Irish Absolutely Cottager's Club. Before registering, you must enjoy at least one turf fire in your cottage, which will get you started on your path to Irish Citizenship!

You can register on-line using the form below.

You will receive your personalized Deed of Ownership by mail, together with a small gift, all at no charge!

Information To Be Included On Your Deed

Your cottage's unique identification is located on a label under the base of your cottage.
The First name of the Registered Owner as you wish it to appear on the Deed. Joint ownership is permissible for any number of names but is limited to a total of not more than 50 characters.
If you would like to personalize your cottage by giving your cottage a special name to be included on your Deed, please limit your chosen name to not more than 25 characters. If you do NOT wish to choose a special name, leave this section blank.

Now that you have given your cottage a special name, you may like to choose your ideal "location" for your cottage, just as you want it to appear on your Deed.

It could be your own street address, but it could be anywhere: perhaps even somewhere in Ireland! It can be, but does not have to be, a real place. Why not use your imagination and choose the 'perfect' address for your romantic cottage?

Your Cottage's Address:

Where Your Personalized Gift And Deed Of Ownership Will Be Sent

Please provide complete details so we can mail your Personalized Gift and Deed of Ownership at no charge!

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