Turf-Burning Ceramic Cottage - Rental Package

A world first! Never in the history of the universe has it been possible to rent a Turf-Burning Ceramic Irish Cottage! ...Until Now! And Irish Absolutely is proud to bring it to you! Join the select group while cottages are still available!


Let me explain. It all started because we had a number of people approach us and explain that the idea of owning their own turf-burning Irish cottage has been one of their fondest dreams. But they just didn't know enough about the different parts of Ireland to be comfortable enough to make the leap to such a big commitment as owning their own cottage just yet. In the future, probably, but not immediately. They were seeking a way of 'testing the waters', so to speak.

So we put our heads together and came up with what we think is a perfect solution to the dilemma. In fact, it is so obvious an idea it is positively brilliant! The solution is a short term rental! Let me explain how it works.

$54.97 35.97 Before refund of $8.00 Security Deposit

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We have cottages in many different locations: by the sea, in the hills, with a gentle stream running past the hedge - only limited by your imagination!

We don't put any limit on the number of occupants. However, you should know that 4 is a comfortable number, but you could squeeze in 6 in a pinch. More than 6 - 'sure you wouldn't know whose face you would be washing in the morning'!

You get to choose a special name for your cottage and the exact location. This information is inscribed on your Certificate of Residence which is issued at the end of your lease. During the lease, you use the cottage as your own and come and go as you please for a full 6 months. At the end of the lease, if you decide you no longer want to use the cottage, all you have to do is to transfer the cottage back to us (mail would be appropriate!). And we return your Security Deposit promptly.

Now it's well known that the countryside in Ireland is lush and green. It gets that way because it rains a lot. I mean A LOT! This is summed up well by an old Irish saying that in Ireland it only rains twice a week: once for 3 days and once for 4! Anyway, you get the idea. Damp is another polite word for it. Whatever you choose to call it, it is wet! Indeed, a typical greeting when you meet friends isn't 'howdy', or 'good morning' so much as 'isn't it a wonderful soft day?' to which the reply is invariably 'Tis that to be sure'! Of course it's soft! Everything is soft! How could it be any other way with all that rain? And the damp not only gets into your bones, but gets into the very structure of houses and cottages as well. That's where a warm turf fire solves the problem: the perfect combination of warmth, an inviting glow, turf aroma..... Sure it's grand!

So to make sure your cottage doesn't suffer from damp that might result in all sorts of structural problems and expensive repairs, we ask that you light a fire every now and again to keep things dry. So included as part of the rental package is a Load of Turf (Item T040).

So it works out like this:

- Security Deposit (fully refundable) : $10.00 Special $8.00

- Rental: 6 months at $5.00/month : $30.00 Special $15.00

- Load of Turf : $14.97 Special $12.97

- Personalized, fun, lease document : Included

- Total: : $54.97 Special $35.97 Before refund of $8.00 Security Deposit

For this you end up with 6 months exclusive use of one of our unique cottages and, at the end of your lease, you get $8.00 back! Plus you have the memories! And you have your official (fun) lease which is yours to keep. Part of our promise to you is we guarantee to hand over the cottage to you sparkling clean and ready for occupation, and including a load of turf that has escaped the worst of the Irish rain. During your lease, we will have some of the locals come as necessary and make sure your grass is cut, the bushes at the side are pruned and the trees don't get out of hand.

These locals are full of stories to tell. You may decide to share a pint with them around your turf fire, or you may wander down to the local pub. Of course you could keep mostly to yourself, but we encourage you to get to know your neighbors as a way of getting a feel for the country. In other words we take care of all the outside work. All we ask of you is to keep the inside of your cottage half reasonable. To help out, we supply you with an Owner's Manual which will help you get the most out of your cottage stay.

We also give you a little book we had specially commissioned that gives a wonderful short introduction to Ireland, the countryside, thatched cottages and turf fires. It even goes further: it explains the emigration from Ireland in years past and how it is that so many people around the world can lay claim to an Irish heritage.

At the end of your lease, if you decide you have had enough of cottage life for the moment, you can transfer it back to us. Regular mail works like a charm! All we ask is that you return the cottage to us in good condition. We will then immediately mail you your Security Deposit. You don't have to do a fantastic spring cleaning. That's our job! We have our own cleaners that come in and get it sparkling again for the next guest. However, there mustn't be any structural damage such as cracks or chips. So be sure to have a good time, but don't let the parties become too wild!

At the end of your lease, you are entitled, at no charge to a copy of your own Certificate of Residence signed and sealed by a Director of the Irish Absolutely Cottager's Club. This comes on heavy stock ready for framing and will for ever be a reminder for you of your wonderful time in your cottage.

While we can't make any promises, we expect that such temporary living in an Irish cottage, fully accredited by our official Certificate of Residence, would be viewed very favorably by the Irish Immigration authorities in the event that you decided you wanted to take up permanent residence!

So, while it is fresh in your mind, go at once and set up your own 6-month rental and start living the Irish dream!

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Certificate of Residency

At the termination of your cottage lease, you are eligible to Order your personalized Certificate of Residency which certifies that you have lived in your Irish cottage as a responsible tenant and so have experienced life in Ireland. By doing so, you also become a member of the Irish Absolutely Cottager's Club. The Certificate is printed on high quality stock, ready for immediate framing, signed by a member of the Board of Directors and embossed with the Official Cottager's Seal. In addition, we include a little surprise in the package!


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