The Village Squire - 4 Complete Irish Cottage Packages

Our turf-burning Irish Cottages are so Irish, so different and so much fun, you will want to buy extra as gifts for your special friends. Accordingly, we created our Village Squire Package, consisting of 4 Complete Irish Cottages Packages. Each set also includes a Grace and Favor Tenancy Agreement that doubles as a greeting card for you to use.

The Grace and Favor Tenancy Agreement is inscribed with the unique identification for each cottage and is formatted and printed on heavy stock like a greeting card with space on the front to write in your friend's name as well as your own.

In the spirit of fun and to get everyone smiling, your responsibilities as Squire are outlined on page 2, while page 3 lists your friend’s responsibilities as tenant.

The back cover gives reasons why you are sending your special friend an Irish cottage.

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1 - We so much appreciate your wonderful and sincere friendship, as a token of the great value we place on our relationship, exercising my right and privilege as Village Squire, I hereby bestow on you the benefit of living in one of my Irish cottages.

2 - Over the years my team of skilled artisans have lovingly hand-crafted many beautiful Irish, thatched, turf-burning cottages, each slightly different.

3 - Our team of builders is flexible and willing to travel anywhere in the world so you can choose your favorite place for your Irish cottage, perhaps even a mythical location.

4 - With much pleasure I hereby grant you the right to your Irish cottage till the end of Time.

5 - After you have settled in and enjoyed your first turf fire, I invite you to visit, who manage our affairs, and Order your personalized Grace and Favor Deed.

You can review the entire Agreement here

Your friend can later go on-line and choose a name and address for their cottage that is dear to their heart. Their Deed, inscribed on heavy 8" by 10" stock ready for framing signed and sealed by a member of the Board is then mailed to them at no cost.

The Deed is confirmation that they have become a Member of the Irish Absolutely Cottager's Club with all the benefits such membership bestows.

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Deed of Ownership

After you have enjoyed at least one genuine turf fire in your cottage, you are eligible to Order your personalized Deed of Ownership. You enter your unique identification number on your cottage and have the opportunity to select the names you wish inscribed on your Deed as well as a name and address for your cottage. We encourage owners to be creative and chose a romantic name and possibly a mythical address. It's up to you! You also then become a member of the Irish Absolutely Cottager's Club. The Deed is printed on high quality stock, ready for immediate framing, signed by a member of the Board of Directors and embossed with the Official Cottager's Seal. In addition, we include a little surprise in the package!

(No charge if Cottage part of Complete Package)


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