Gift Ideas

It is always much easier if we do a little planning ahead for those special occasions. Especially those where we will be sending or bringing a gift. Now it might seem that since all occasions are different, that it would be best to find different gifts for each event. That's hard! Very hard! Which is why most of us either break into panic mode at the last minute trying to think of a 'suitable' gift, or we fall back on the traditional chocolates, flowers, wine, or the like. Duh! Boring!

But there is a solution to finding the perfect gift! Let me explain.

But first, let me check with you on a few things:

Do you follow Life's well-worn path - or do you dare to be DIFFERENT?

Are you highly conservative - or have you a flair for CREATIVITY?

Are you entirely predictable - or are you full of SURPRISES?

Are you a shrinking violet - or are you a barrel of FUN?

Do you just blend into a crowd - or are you REMEMBERED? I THOUGHT SO!

So what you need is a gift that is DIFFERENT, CREATIVE, SURPRISING, FUN and will be REMEMBERED! And one that is just perfect for all occasions!

Drum roll please.......!

A Gift that IS Ireland

There is nothing that says "Ireland" better than an Irish turf-burning cottage.


Just thinking about an Irish cottage will bring tears of nostalgia. And when they light their first turf fire in the grate of the little cottage, watch the smoke slowly lazily wend its way up from the chimney and catch a whiff of the aroma of turf, sure they will instantly be transported back to the 'ol country

What a memory!

Our Irish Cottage Package

This is where our Irish Cottage Package comes in! Now you can always have the perfect gift on hand! Indeed, if you would really like to get yourself organized and have a private stock of 6 or more Irish Cottage Packages on hand, contact us so we can explain our version of "Planned Giving Program". And is this ever proving popular or what!

In a few days you could have your gifts delivered to your door! And think of the time saved! Since all are individually packaged in a sturdy cardboard box, if you want to send some to distant friends, the packing is already done. By the way, don't worry about someone else turning up at the event with one of our cottages. This is highly unlikely but if it did happen remember that helping create a little village is even more fun than just a single cottage. Besides, as they are all hand painted they all look slightly different anyway. Just as full size cottages all look slightly different, the "wee folk" like to make each of their homes look a little different too! And because they are all hand made, the quantity available is very limited. So much so, they are fast becoming collector items.

Irish Cottage Complete Package

I promised to give a few suggestions for gift occasions, so here goes:

Special Occasions

Perfect time to sit around a cozy turf fire and have a bit of 'craic'!

Fits in well with elves and goblins!

A very personal way of saying 'you are remembered'!

Baby, light my fire!

St Patrick's Day
An elegant reminder that this is the day that all the world is Irish!

Something both personal and touching!

These don't have to be traditional. Create a special anniversary!

Conveys perfect image of making a future home together!

Our Irish cottage sleeps two upstairs - with room for a cot!

Baby Shower
A little cottage for a little person!

Bridal Shower
Planning ahead: there's likely to be little people soon!

Don't be cheap! Let your spouse have the cottage!

House Warming
Warm turf fire and all that: subtle, eh?!!

Hostess Gift
Just imagine bringing a fire for your hostess' dining table!

Teacher Gift
Much smarter than an apple!

Office Exchange Gift
When you want to be different! And classy!

Keep 'em guessing!

Just Because
You simply want to!

No Good Reason
You don't have to have a reason! Just give!

and many, many other occasions.......!

Special People

What could be more romantic than an Irish cottage!

Love of Your Life
Or just because you love life!

Explains something about their heritage.

By way of thanks for keeping me warm, cozy and safe as a child!


Friends will surely weep when they experience the aroma of Irish turf!

Homesick Irish Emigrants
This may tip the balance and they might head "home"!

Friends That Need Comfort
Just try sitting around a turf fire and dream....!

Hard Nosed Friends
How else can you own an Irish cottage with a Deed of Ownership for so little?

Short Friends
Will be pleased to be reacquainted with the "little people" in Ireland.

Tall Friends
Admittedly, they may feel a little cramped inside!

Quiet Friends
Giving a piece of Ireland has the effect of giving the 'gift of the gab'!

Those That Love Ireland
That covers just about everybody!

Just For You
Knowing at the same time that you will be supporting our charity work!

Why not also include an Irish Luck Penny to go with your Irish Cottage?

Our Luck Penny has never been known to fail!