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I Must Relocate and Choose...

These days, when it seems the world is going mad, a sense of humor helps keep us sane. Which is why from time-to-time we invite you to create and share in a bit of fun. Sometimes with a bit of nostalgia thrown in.

We always have prizes, but the real intent is to get us all smiling!

Blame this urge for humor on my upbringing in dear ‘ol Dub.

Which leads me to invite you to tell us in 49 words – no more, no less – suppose you were obliged to relocate your home, to a place of your choosing anywhere in the world, where would that be and why?

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Here are some earlier entries:

This is my story of why I must relocate to a land far, far away. So far, in fact, I don't know its name which makes life a lot more difficult. Imagine trying to buy an airline ticket when you can't tell the agent where you want to go!

- Patrick

What? Leave here? Too wet you say? But you get the best view in the county from this spot – well you would if the rain ever stopped... And I know Mick the postman keeps losing his bicycle in the bog – (Haven't seen him for a while, actually...)

- John

Move where did you say? Well that's easy! There's Phyllis Jones, two doors down, see, has a bit extra at the side, being end of terrace, like. "Florence", she says to me, "Real handy for getting the coal in and all that". Now if she was to sell up...

- Florence

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